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Friday’s featured photograph. Colour or monochrome?


Here is a frame from Sam and Caroline’s recent Lake district wedding of Caroline’s nephew chasing a bubble in the tipi field by the shores of the lake.

People often ask me if I prefer colour or black and white wedding photographs and my answer is that it depends…..

It is true that monochrome has a timeless quality, it is simple ( no distraction from bright colours) and has more drama and emphasises emotion.

However a colour photograph can really grab your attention and draw you in…especially when there are distinct hues on offer..

I will always discuss with my couples if they have a preference for colour or black and white – and then beyond that my rule is simple – I process with what works best!

Sometimes I will be shooting a particular frame and I will know before I release the shutter whether I will be processing in colour or black and white.

Other times it’s not until I am back working in post processing that I will make a decision – and then – like with this pic – it’s not always easy to decide!

In the end I decided that the final process worked best in colour – you can almost smell the lush early autumn air in the green  hues of the field. The little paige boys suit doesn’t distract.

And what about that purple tinged soap bubble about to go pop!

What do you think~?

Leave me a comment, I would love to know your thoughts.

By the way my diary for next year is starting to get filled – if you are thinking of getting in touch to ask about my wedding photography services please don’t delay!


Lake district wedding photographer-Windermere wedding photography6



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