A mothers look. Why I love this sequence of wedding photographs.

I love this sequence of frames from Charlotte and Jeffrey’s lake district wedding held at The Merewood country hotel last summer!

I have known Charlie and her family for many years, since I first moved to the lake district in fact!

What I didn’t know until the wedding day was that Charlie once declared her intentions to marry yours truly!

She was about nine at the time and soon came to her senses….

Still, it was a privilege to be involved in her wedding day as the photographer if not her significant other!

That honour fell to Jeffrey and the two of them make a gorgeous couple.You can probably tell I have a soft spot for the whole family! They are special people!

Jeffrey is from Jamaica and so the wedding had a caribbean carnival theme. All in all it was a wonderful wedding full of colour and music. And dancing of course! Lot’s of dancing!

My great mate and fellow wedding photographer Steve Barber came along to help make a record of the day. He stuck around with the boys for their preparation while I stayed with the bridal party.

I love this sequence of frames from when Charlie was getting ready. She’s with her Mum Julie and the final preparations are taking place in the bedroom before the church ceremony.

It’s a special moment between Mother and Daughter when nervous anticipation, pride and excitement bubble to the surface.

I think the look on Julie’s face says it all….

You can see the highlights form this wonderful, colourful and vibrant wedding here. I think they will make you smile!

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You may be planning your own wedding and reading this because you need a wedding photographer. If so don’t hesitate to get in touch. I would love to chat with you about your plans.



Merewood-wedding-photography-lake-district-cumbria-wedding-photographer      Merewood-wedding-photography-lake-district-cumbria-wedding-photographer Merewood-wedding-photography-lake-district-cumbria-wedding-photographer

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