Friday’s featured photograph. Get me to the church on time!

Today’s featured picture is from Matt and Katie’s wedding which was held at St Mary’s church  Stavely in Cartmel, The lake district.

The marriage ceremony was supposed to be at 12.00pm but a series of unfortunate events (including a runaway horse and a broken down tractor) left Matt with a long and slightly anxious wait!

So when Katie eventually arrived at the church an hour late I made the decision to focus on the  clock which showed the time to be exactly 1pm.

So there is a back story but I also love the composition and ‘the feel ‘ of the image itself.. I used a shallow depth of field and have processed in monochrome and this gives the procession of The Bride and her two Maids an otherworldly and etherial presence.

There is also something about the slight tilt of the vicars head leading us to the church in an impatient nod that adds a bit of tension.

Katie is so upright in comparison and looks very much in control, strong and determined.

By the time she arrived at the altar Matt was very, very happy to see her!

The service was followed by a reception at The Swan hotel and if you like you can see the highlights on the featured wedding’s page here.

I really like this picture. Please do leave a comment, it would be great to hear how you feel about it too….



The bride arrives at the church

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