Kissing in the sunshine at The Lyth Valley Country Inn

It was a gorgeous morning last Saturday when I met up with Livia, Darren and their incredibly cute son Theodore, at The Lyth Valley Country Inn.

Liv and Darren are getting married in The Lake District at the beginning  of May, so we had arranged to meet to discuss the final details of their wedding photography, and also make a few pre wedding pics!

We chatted and drank coffee  (The Lyth serves fantastic coffee – in fact the food is wonderful too in case you are ever fancy popping in! )

The late morning sun was streaming through the windows and I began to think about where we could go to make the engagement photographs.

While I was mulling this over I noticed the clear light illuminating Theodore’s eyes and decided we should start with making a few family photographs inside.

Liv and Darren sat next to Theodore ( cue plenty of giggling) and I shot a few frames before we headed outside and into the sun.

I love the sunshine but it can create all  sorts of problems for a professional wedding photographer.

You may have noticed at weddings seeing the photographer casting his eyes in search of some soft shade to make the group photographs.

Diffused light is much more pleasing on the eye and it’s especially good for capturing romantic photographs of the Bride and Groom!

So, I was pleased to find a barn offering us some shade to capture Liv and Darren while Theodore looked on with a glint in his eye!

( There was lot’s of kissing!)

I was really pleased with the results and Liv and Darren love their pre wedding photographs!

I can’t wait to meet up with them again in a few weeks for their big day!

You can see a recent lake district wedding I shot at The Lyth Valley Country Inn here.

And more information about my wedding photography service here.

If you are planning your own wedding I would LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!



The Lyth Valley Country Inn bathed in sunshine.It’s a great wedding venue!

High Five! Theodore is a real smiler!

Theodore and Liv

Lake district wedding photography

Daddy time!


Kissing in the sunshine in The lyth Valley

The barn was a perfect place for soft and romantic light

Liv looking radiant in the morning sunshine

A tender moment

Blossoms in the sunshine

It’s great to meet up before your wedding day

Theodore takes a sneaky peak!

Sat amongst the daffodils.



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