Happy new year….Let’s dance!

It’s all gloomy January here in The lake district today.

One of those dank and chilly under your skin days – Ok so who’s left the fridge door open – I can hear my Aussie mate saying..

The warmth of Christmas fun seems a long time ago and it’s time to get down to it and plan ahead for the new year!

Well, that’s the idea…

I have good coffee, our wood burning stove burning hot, Spotify is set to high and discover weekly has thrown up some gems..

Walking Paddy at lunch time we heard a bird  singing hopefully. The nights are definitely drawing out..

And I have my wedding photographs to look through..

I am asked to photograph weddings at all times of the year and here is a frame from the summer that takes me back to a wonderful,colourful and joyous wedding!lake-district-wedding-photographer-cumbria-wedding-photography

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