The speech. A picture that makes me smile.

I have been going through my back catalogue of wedding photographs and this image is from a wedding I shot five years ago at Gosel Ridding in Windermere, The lake district.

It made me smile and so I thought it would be good to share it.

It’s a photograph that has so much going on.

I love the vibrancy of the colours, the splashes of red against the background of the marquee and the groomsmen in their monochrome suits.

A young boy dressed as a cowboy reaches in to put his sheriff’s hat on the father of the bride while the groom’s Mum is sharing a joke with the best man and then there is the groom….. having a moment to compose himself and wipe away tears while his new bride looks on.

It’s such a spontaneous and joyous scene with all the character’s seemingly caught up in their own moment.

But most of all it’s a wedding photograph that makes me smile!

I hope it’s made you smile too and please feel free to comment and to share it on social media.




The groom's speech

Wedding day speech from the groom get’s emotional at Gosell Ridding, Windermere, The Lake district

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